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The Giggly Grammariculum:   a  complete digital grammar curriculum that is completely funny

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  1. I am writing to get information and a quote for the purchase of 100 copies of The Giggly Guide to Grammar for use in my 8th grade English class. I have absolutely loved using this resource in my classroom, and I would love for each student to have their own copy. My principal has agreed to purchase a set for next year’s group, but I need a quote for purchasing purposes. Thank you.

  2. I have a child ready to start 9th grade. What level would I order. Is the whole program on line or is it in book form.
    Thank you,
    Janet Long

    • You could buy the student edition for 25 dollars. A book. Or if you have an iPad, you could buy the more Advanced giggly grammariculum. This can be used on an phone too and allows you to print quizzes. This is 39.95. Perfect for grade 9.

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